How to Perform a Hard Reset on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

How to Perform a Hard Reset on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

A Foolproof Guide to Restoring Your Phone to Factory Settings

Do you find your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime behaving erratically, plagued by a host of issues that defy simple troubleshooting? It may be time to consider a hard reset, a drastic but often effective measure that erases all data and restores your phone to its original factory settings.

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Before embarking on this journey, take heart and understand that a hard reset is like a clean slate for your device, wiping away any personal data, apps, and settings. However, if your phone has been rendered unusable by stubborn software glitches or if you intend to sell or gift it, a hard reset is the ultimate solution.

Follow these steps meticulously to execute a successful hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime:

1. Back Up Your Data: A Vital Precaution

Prior to initiating a hard reset, safeguard your precious data by creating a backup. Navigate to “Settings,” select “Accounts and Backup,” and choose “Backup and Restore.” Ensure the toggle switch for “Google Drive Backup” is activated. This ensures your apps, contacts, call history, and text messages are safely stored in your Google account.

Alternatively, you can connect your phone to a computer, launch Samsung Kies, and create a complete backup of your device.

2. Power Off Your Phone: A Necessary Step

Before proceeding further, ensure your Galaxy J7 Prime is powered off. This crucial step prevents any accidental interruption during the reset process.

3. Enter Recovery Mode: The Gateway to Reset

With your phone turned off, simultaneously press and hold the “Power,” “Volume Up,” and “Home” buttons. Hold them steadfastly until the Samsung logo appears on the screen, signaling the initiation of Recovery Mode.

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4. Navigate the Recovery Mode Menu

Using the “Volume Down” button, navigate through the Recovery Mode menu until “Wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted. Confirm your selection by pressing the “Power” button.

5. Confirm Factory Reset: The Final Step

Once you confirm your choice, the phone will display a warning message, urging you to double-check your decision. Use the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons to navigate and select “Yes — delete all user data.”

6. Reboot Your Phone: A Fresh Start

The hard reset process will commence, erasing all data and restoring your phone to its factory settings. Once complete, the phone will reboot automatically.

7. Set Up Your Phone: A Personalized Touch

After the reboot, you will be prompted to set up your phone from scratch, as if it were brand new. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your settings, restore your backed-up data (if desired), and regain access to your apps and data.

Hard Reset Samsung J7 Prime


Congratulations! You have successfully performed a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Remember, this process is akin to a rebirth for your device, wiping away the remnants of the past and offering a fresh start. Embrace the opportunity to refine your phone’s performance, resolve perplexing issues, or prepare it for a new owner. Should you face any difficulties during the reset process, seek assistance from trusted sources or authorized repair centers.

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